VirtualBoard – A Major Resource for Entrepreneurs

I had the pleasure of serving on the San Diego chapter of VirtualBoard for two years before I moved out of the U.S.  VirtualBoard provided me with several superb tools to help me think differently about my business both strategically and operationally.

CEOs of private companies rarely have the chance to get the collective wisdom and experience of a room full of similar-level individuals who want to help.  That was the great thing about VB – under the expert guidance of Lewis Haskell, the discussions were deep, valuable and everyone was there to help each other.  It is like AA but for entrepreneurs.

Although we were all in different businesses, the issues we faced were similar and the solutions that were proposed were based on experience.  It was a quality afternoon and one which I looked forward to between meetings very much.  And, of course, the networking was superb.  I wish we had such a program where I live now!

Harry Lander Managing Partner - Dyo Bio Technologies