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I’ve  been there for others.

When people trust you with their money, you are in a position few others are afforded: a front row seat, a spot in their coaching lineup, and sometimes even as their sports psychologist. I have been through it all with clients: building their financial plans; understanding the role of the business in accomplishing their goals; creating incentive and retirement plans to motivate and reward their employees; protecting themselves and their businesses from the “what ifs” with shareholders agreements and insurance; providing for their families with estate plans; managing the assets outside of the business along the way; showing them ways to reduce the IRS’s cut and help causes they love; and finally, guiding them to an exit they feel ready for- emotionally and financially.

I’ve been there with others.

Every business owner benefits by having a team of smart, caring people around them. In my days as a wealth advisor, those teams included lawyers, accountants, bankers, benefit specialists, mortgage brokers, investment bankers and many other professionals. Together, we helped our clients achieve what they wanted in business and in life. My personal team expanded when I was invited to join the CEO peer coaching organization, Women Presidents Organization. Sitting at the table with other successful business owners taught me more than I could have imagined; I was hooked on the power of peer-to-peer learning. When the opportunity to become a founding member of VirtualBoard came along, I jumped.

I’ll be there with you.

When you’re a member of VirtualBoard, you’ll have me and all the other members in your corner. So you might as well know that I’m known for my ability to listen, probe and challenge. Friends and colleagues call me honest, smart, kind and funny, though my husband Mark may beg to differ on that last one. He’s a Brit and we’ve been married 20 years. We’ve got two adopted Westies, live and stay involved in our city of Sandy Springs, play canasta and hike in the woods. Now if I could just get him to take up rowing with me…

Will you be there with us?

The members and I get so much from our participation in VirtualBoard; ask any one of us! We invite you to explore the impact it could have on you and your business.


To your success,

Suzanne Durbin

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