You have a choice.
Navigate your transition alone
or surround yourself with a team
of peers and experts.

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VirtualBoard offers a unique, laser-focused, and confidential advisory board of like-minded founders and respected professionals to help you maximize the after tax value of your business, negotiate the sale and transition from success to significance.
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How We Support You

Tap into Peers

Your VirtualBoard provides a professionally run peer group of experienced CEOs to support you as you prepare your business, negotiate the deal and adjust to life after the sale.

You don't have to go it alone.

Build Business Value

Your VirtualBoard provides a framework for preparing your business for sale so you can realize the maximum value with a team of experts, our Education Partners to help you operationalize the plan and execute it.

And they have no financial stake in the transaction so they can provide guidance without an agenda.

Transition to Next

Your VirtualBoard prepares you for life after the sale when you transition from being CEO to third in line at Starbucks.

How will you transition from Success to Significance?

“None of us know what we don't know, but a greater risk is 'Not knowing what we think we know'."

Lewis Haskell, Founder VirtualBoard

What sets us apart?

How we serve our members...

Small confidential CEO peer groups

Subject matter experts in each meeting
Investment banker, CPA, M&A Attorney, Trust/Estate Attorney, Wealth advisor

Decades of business and transition experience

Time efficient structure

World-Class CEO Coaching

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Prepare, Negotiate and Transition knowing you have a Team to guide you from beginning to end.

You don't have to go it alone!
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