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Your success is why we exist.
Member benefits grant you access to an
exclusive confidential community of high-performing business owners
and a network of experts to help guide your business needs.

Exclusive membership grants access to our community of experienced professionals

All meeting discussions are confidential to protect you and your intentions for your business.

Virtual and in-person meetings to facilitate even the busiest of schedules.

Membership is by Invitation Only

Membership criteria:

1) An interview with the Board Chair
2) Two CEO or Professional references
3) Background review
4) Signed Commitment to Confidentiality
5) Willingness to share your knowledge and experience
6) Demonstrated openness to learning
7) Commitment to participate
8) No competitors in your group

Is VirtualBoard right for you?
Our members are typically looking to sell or transition their businesses in two to five years time or looking to significantly change their business through a merger or acquisition.

Our highly curated groups our fellow high-performing business owners and founders coupled with our Education Partners selected by our Board Chair are here to guide you.

Premium Support

Some Of Our Trusted Partners

Member Experience

“I got advice ranging from the actual deal (finances, legal and merger documents), to integrating cultures, to working with legacy VC companies."

Don Doster

CEO GoPivot

The journey is all about the last mile...

Many make it to their proverbial base camp in business but those who summit the peak
have a guide and a team.

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Preparing your business for a transaction can feel like a full time job. There are ten vital factors (link) that need to be addressed to maximize the value of your business. Your VirtualBoard will be there to support you every step of the way.
You are not alone!

No One Should Summit Alone


First comes the offer. Then comes the due diligence. I have never heard of a buyer saying after the due diligence, we will pay you more than our original offer. NEVER
VirtualBoard can guide you through the process based on dozens of negotiation strategies and deal experience.
You are not alone!

Make some magic!


You go from being a CEO to third in line at Starbucks. Emotions can shift from elation to guilt, to regret to now what?
How do I invest the money? Who can I trust? Will it be enough?
You don't have to be alone.

Make some magic!

“Most small business owners have similar challenges that they often face alone. Since joining VirtualBoard, I have benefited from the experience and knowledge of a trusted group of experts and fellow entrepreneurs."

David Filer, Veterinary Referral

“ CEOs of private companies rarely have the chance to get the collective wisdom and experience of a room full of similar-level individuals who want to help."

Henry Lander, Biotech

“ After 47 years in business, I decided to join a peer mentoring group in anticipation of easing out of my manufacturing firm.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

Robert Berry, TPI

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