Why VirtualBoard?

No one would dream of attempting to summit Everest without a guide and a support team. Founders need to be prepared for their ascent to a successful sale.

Decades of combined experience has taught us founders will face one or more of these five challenges.

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To maximize value of anything you need to make multiple strategic and tactical decisions. You can make them alone behind your desk or with a team of knowledgeable professionals and a group of CEO peers whose only interest is helping each other.
Your VirtualBoard is there for you

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   Building a successful business requires focus. You are the one holding your team accountable for meeting commitments and achieving goals. Selling a company also requires focus.

Your VirtualBoard keeps you focused.

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Buyers know more about buying than you know about selling.  Valuation ranges, terms & conditions, due diligence, negotiations, re-trading to mention just a few.

Your VirtualBoard is there for you

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One of the loneliest jobs in the world is CEO. Everyone has an agenda: employees; suppliers, customers, advisors, sometimes even family. Your VirtualBoard is knowledgeable, has no agenda and is on YOUR side.

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The world is constantly changing. Markets, supply chains, regulation, even the unexpected. Business owners have to prepare, adjust, and adapt.
Your VirtualBoard is there for ideas, guidance and strategy.

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Your New VirtualBoard

Your VirtualBoard includes CEOs and professionals selected from experts such as:

Patrick John

M&A Attorney

Sasha Larsen

Investment Banker

Finn Pilar

Trust/Estate Attorney

Jane G

Investment Advisor

Bob Smith


Lewis Haskell

Founder VirtualBoard

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“ The more I learn from those experts and the business owners in my group, the more I realize what I didn't know. "

Robert Berry,
TPI Engineering Systems

“ My goal was to exit at some point via an acquisition. Meeting with M&A and legal sponsors and other CEOs on the board, I was able to have a successful exit."

Prabs Mahalingam, CEO GoPaperless

“ The wisdom I've gained from each member has allowed me to avoid countless mistakes and pitfalls. This was especially true when I merged my company."

Don Doster, CEO GoPivot

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