Education Partners

At VirtualBoard, we value your expertise. As part of our community, you experience unique benefits working directly with our members.
Our education partners gain insight into the skills and approaches of each partner, build trusted relationships with members and develop a network for referrals, and industry/market insights.

Each small group consists of 6 specialists per group of 12 high performing members

You are there to offer support through your unique expertise

As a vetted education partner our members trust that our partners are the right choice when the time comes

Why become an Education Partner?

You're considered a respected expert in your field and our members need your guidance.

Each group has six Education Partners, typically including a trust and estate attorney, tax expert, a valuation specialist, a financial advisor, an M&A attorney, and an Investment banker.

Our Members are under no obligation to use our partners for business needs; however, our partners are crucial for the intellectual content of the group.

Education partners are carefully selected by VIrtualBoard and the local Board Chair to be experts in their respective fields in your local area and are positioned as such with the group.

Premium Support

Case Studies

“As an Education Partner, I keep Members from leaving money on the table when they’re ready to sell and while they're running their business in the meantime."

Carr, Riggs & Ingram



Because of your unique positioning within our groups 100% of the time our members will consider utilizing you for the services they need.


Our group structure is 12 CEO and 6 specialists. You are the 'one of a kind' in the group.


Today there are tens of thousands of business for sale and we need YOUR expertise to guide our members as we grow.

Some Of The Unique Benefits

Being part of our community not only helps our members but grows your business.

Unique Group Structure

VirtualBoard groups include CEO members but also selected Education Partners who provide their experience and advice during the entire meeting unlike other peer groups. They are not there to sell their services but only to provide guidance.

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Unique Partner Benefits

Our partners not only develop trusted relationships with CEOs who have an intention to transition their business but also have the opportunitiy to work closely with other professionals who share their approach to transactions.

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Board Chair

Our Board Chairs are more than highly trained facilitators. They are trusted coaches and confidants who are commited to our mission and who deeply care about the success or our members.

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“ Since this is an invitation-only group, we also make sure each member has the right chemistry and is fully committed to give and receive value."

Allen Lowe, Angel Advisors

“ As an Education Partner, I keep Members from leaving money on the table when they’re ready to sell and while they're running their business in the meantime"

Barry Klein, CRI

“ As a licensed psychologist, I help family business owners sort through and navigate the unique dynamics they face. Being an Education Partner with VirtualBoard has helped me expand my practice and support my clients better. "

Dr. Tiffany Whitworth

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